Last News Tourists Entering Israel

ISRAEL INCOMING TOUR OPERATORS ASSOCIATION                                              
 28 December 2020

                                         Dear All, 
            It has come to our attention that there is a disparate amount of information 
regarding the current plan for allowing tourists to enter Israel. We would like to 
clarify this and summarize the understandings which were reached by the 
professionals working in the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health. 
The finished outline has as yet not been announced and approved, however at the 
meeting of the Knesset’s Economy committee the lines of action that were 
presented are as follows: 
1. Before entering Israel, each tourist must fill out an inbound passenger 
health statement form on the Ministry of Health’ website. The form with the 
approval by the Health Ministry will be submitted to the Immigration 
2. The first phase will allow entrance to tourists from green countries 
only. In addition to the health declaration form, there is a 72-hour NEGATIVE 
COVID-19 Test requirement which is mandatory for each tourist upon his/her 
arrival to the country. 
3. Now that the vaccination campaign has started in Israel, and it is 
expected that most of the relevant population will be vaccinated by the end 
of March 2021, there may be a relaxation of the restrictions as presented 
thus far. 
4. The member of the Israel Incoming Tour operators Association must 
submit an application on the Ministry of Tourism’s website for approval for 
the group to enter Israel (minimum 5 tourists in the group) the Israeli agent 
will have to provide the following information: 
* Name of the (hotel) accommodations and the itinerary (route) 
* Name of the guide and driver, who will have to stay with the group 
throughout the tour – until the group departs and is not under any 
circumstances be replaced while the group is in Israel. 
*Details of the tourist group including flight details, including arrival 
and departure dates, airline and flight number. 
*The group leader must have an Israeli mobile phone with him at all times so 
that he can be reached throughout the tour. 
5. Every tourist is required to have health insurance that includes 
coverage for lockdown, isolation quarantine or hospitalization as a result of 
Corona (Covid 19) The Israeli agents will be held responsible should the case 
be so, for any tourist who is not covered by his/her insurance company. 
6. The group will have a 24/7 connection to an emergency room, should 
it be needed for any health issue. 
7. There will be an accurate record of the group’s movement throughout 
Israel. The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Assoc. will provide the members 
with an app that will record the movement of groups should it be necessary 
to report infection. 
8. The groups movements will be separate as much as possible 
during the event and will behave in accordance with the rules to protect the 
9. All tourist sites that are on the itinerary / route must be licensed 
according to the recent health & cleanliness and health regulations issued by 
the government. 
10. Our efforts are aimed to get permission for tourists from all countries, 
regardless of the country’s status as red or green, subject to the stipulations 
of the Corona examination prior to the arrival in Israel. We assume that the 
discussion(deliberation) will be more relevant towards the end of March 
2021, with the completion of the vaccination campaign in Israel. 
11. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any clarification, questions or 
requests. As mentioned in the onset, the above is still in the planning 
stages awaiting for approval by the government officials and implementation 
subject to the Health Cabinet. 
12. The State of Israel has an excellent opportunity of being the first in 
the world to vaccinate most of the population and thus will be able to 
remove the restrictions enabling incoming tourism to resume -according to 
the government’s decision. The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association is 
working currently together with the government on being able to permit 
tourists who have a valid certificate of proof that that they have been 
vaccinated, to enter the country, As well, they are working to find the 
appropriate procedures for tourists who will be coming after the vaccination 
campaign is completed (expected date -March 21 2021).