ZAATAR the Taste of the Levant

Arabic word Za’atar (zaatar) describes an actual herb that’s in the wild thyme family that starts its life looking more like oregano. (Blends that stick to the traditional taste will include Mediterranean wild thyme in them.)

Za'atar is also a combination of the dried herb Za’atar with sumac and toasted sesame seeds. It is part of the Israeli breakfast table, often eaten with oil-dipped bread or spread onto flatbread dough before its backed into a Man’oushe (pizza type backing). Za’atar mix recipes in the Levant countries (Israel, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan) differ by region, shop or home and may include a variety of herbs, spices and fillings. It is a versatile condiment that may season and be sprinkled on many foods, whether bread and cream cheese, yogurt, salads, vegetables, meat and fruits.

It’s loaded with bold flavors; great texture; and even some health benefits–from soothing inflammation to boosting cognition!