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Agricultural Tour

“A land of wheat and barley, a land of vines, fig trees and pomegranates, a land of olive trees and dates” (Deut. 8:8)

Discover how a country where less than a quarter of the land is naturally arable produces 95% of its own food and is a major exporter of fruits and vegetables and a world leader in irrigation. This tour combine fascinating in-depth tours of Israel’s flourishing agriculture with its biblical highlights.

DAY 1 – Ben Gurion Airport – Netanya

Where you will be met by a Nazarene Tours representative. Transfer to your hotel in Netanya for Dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 2 – The Plain of Sharon

Your day begins at Moshav Geulim, a cooperative farm in the biblical Plain of Sharon, where you can pick your own strawberries and learn the secrets of raising these luscious fruits, You can take your fruit with you, or donate it, through the charitable organization Leket, to needy families. From there it’s on to the Orchid Park at Kibbutz Bakhan, where an enchanting tropical rain forest has been created in which you can learn about the thousands of orchids growing there from around the world After your first agro-tours of your trip, it’s time for the first of many biblical highlights – a visit to Caesarea, where Peter converted the first gentiles and Paul was imprisoned and set sail for Rome. You’ll see a Roman theater and amphitheater overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and an aqueduct that brought spring water to the city. Drive through the foothills of Mount Carmel, where Elijah brought down fire from heaven, and continue to your kibbutz hotel near the Sea of Galilee for overnight.

DAY 3 - Around the Sea of Galilee

Today you will immerse yourself in the Galilee of Jesus’ public ministry, visiting the sites where Jesus preached, taught and performed miracles. Begin the day with a visit to the amazing 2,000-year-old Jesus Boat in its beautiful museum setting. Continue to the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount, for a memorable view of the lake and enjoy a walk down the slope, through banana groves and other plantations belonging to local farmers, to the Cove of the Sower and its Gospel sites: the places of Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, Peter’s Primacy, the miraculous catch of fish, and Capernaum. Travel around the Sea of Galilee to Kursi, where a beautifully restored ancient church marks the site where Jesus healed the demoniacs and cast the demons into a herd of pigs. End your day at the Pilgrim’s Baptismal Site on the banks of the Jordan River. Return to your hotel for overnight.

DAY 4 – Galilee mountains traditional agriculture, Nazareth and beekeeping

This morning begins with a drive through the rolling hills of Galilee and scenery that seems to have changed little since Jesus’ time. Your destination: Sakhnin, the olive capital of Galilee, where you can visit a traditional olive press (during olive season, in October, you can see it at work) and an ancient olive grove. Then, it’s on to Nazareth to visit the Basilica of the Annunciation and Mary’s Well. Afterward, drive through the flourishing Jezreel Valley, Israel’s breadbasket and past towering Mount Tabor, where Deborah and Barak gathered their armies and the Transfiguration of Jesus took place. Visit the “Silk and Honey” farm at Moshav Shadmot Devorah, where you will learn the special ways these farmers coax honey bees to produce their sweet gift. Return to your hotel near the Sea of Galilee for the night.

DAY 5 – Through the Jordan Valley to Jerusalem

Today begins with a tour of Kibbutz Sha’ar Hagolan to learn about life on a traditional kibbutz, one of the few that has remained true to its original collective principles. Tour the banana groves, the automated dairy, the cowshed and the avocado grove and visit the fascinating Museum of Prehistory whose finds are world-famous. Continue the day by exploring the Bible-rich site of Beit She’an, from whose walls the Philistines hung the bodies of Saul and his sons, and one of the Decapolis cities whose people saw the miracles of Jesus. Then it’s on to Kibbutz Maoz Haim for a visit to its fisheries and date plantation and an interesting view of the Jordan River and the peaceful border with Jordan. Continue down the Jordan Valley road, on the way viewing Jericho, the most ancient city in the world and the first one conquered by Joshua’s army. Overnight in Jerusalem

DAY 6 - Jerusalem

This morning is devoted to the sacred highlights of the holy city of Jerusalem. Begin with an overview from the Mount of Olives, where Jesus preached and ascended to heaven. Visit the Garden of Gethsemane, and continue with a walking tour of the Old City, entering through the Lion’s Gate and visiting the Pools of Bethesda and the Via Dolorosa, with the Stations of the Cross, to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In the afternoon, visit the bustling Mahaneh Yehuda fruit and vegetable market for an overview of Israel’s abundance of produce. Overnight in Jerusalem.

DAY 7 - Masada, the Dead Sea and farming in the lowest spot on earth

Today your adventure takes you to the lowest spot on earth – the Dead Sea, for a visit to the World Heritage Site of Masada, where you will ascend by cablecar to see the fortress of Herod where the Jews made their famous last stand against the Romans 2,000 years ago. Return to your agricultural theme with a visit to the southern Dead Sea community of Moshav Ein Tamar for a tour to the unique salt-flat fields and plantations, irrigated successfully with brackish water. Overnight at a Dead Sea resort hotel.

DAY 8 - The Negev: biblical Beer Sheba and making the desert bloom

Ascent to the Negev highlands for a visit to the ancient city of Beer Sheba, where Abraham planted a tamarisk tree and dug a well, with its ancient streets and water system, with a panoramic view of the desert where God saved the lives of Hagar and Ishmael. Then continue across the Negev to Kibbutz Nir Oz in the west, for a fascinating tour of their eco-gardens where high-tech research and development has resulted in environmentally friendly and water-saving ways of making the desert bloom.

DAY 9 - Transfer from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Airport.

Transfer from your hotel to Ben Gurion Airport for departure. A Nazarene Tours representative will assist you through the formalities.