Our History

our Story in a Nutshell

It all started in 1927, when Afifi's family decided to purchase a truck to improve and speed the delivery of crops to local markets. Many of the villagers and peasants jumped on this new transport opportunity and paid to ride on the family’s truck to its final destination. As a reaction to local demand, with a spark of creative thinking, the family installed benches in the rear half of the truck.

In 1932 the family bought their first coach, a Dodge Fargo, and ever since the Afifi family’s main economic activities have been transportation, travel and tourism industries. At Afifi Group (AG), we understand that FOCUS is the key to successful, market driven operations. That's why our sole focus is customer service. This unmatched focus translates into the high standards and quality services our team delivers with unfailing consistency. We undertake to not only satisfying but delight our clients, over and over again. Our industry experiences and faultless implementation are the factors that make our offering unlike others on the market today. Our team of brilliant professionals attains steady levels of service excellence by combining ingenious problem solving and pioneering technologies with fast and effective implementations. We leverage our specialized skills and over 35 years' industry experience to bring winning solutions, every time. AG is a family owned business that consists of eleven companies which deal with transportation, tourism, hospitality, IT, investment and real-estate. Today, the company employs 1300 staff and owns 665 buses.